Brundell Woolley provides a full range of cost and project co-ordination services, from early feasibility advice through to the resolution of final accounts.

Cost management

  • Feasibility estimates
  • Budget estimates and cost plans
  • Value engineering

Quantity Surveying

  • Contractual matters
  • Cashflow forecasts
  • Project procurement advice
  • Tender documents
  • Tender analysis
  • Contract documentation
  • Assessment and agreement of post contract variations
  • Preparation and analysis of interim valuations
  • Post contract cost control and reporting
  • Negotiation and settlement of the final account

Project Co-ordinator/Employer’s Agent

  • Strategic programming and procurement advice and reporting
  • Assistance with the selection and appointment of the consultant team
  • Monitoring the development of the detailed design
  • Chairing meetings, co-ordinating, and monitoring project team activities
  • Regular site visits to ensure compliance
  • Issuing of instructions, notices and certificates
  • Liaison with key project consultees such as public bodies, tenants, funds and occupiers
  • Risk management

Project Monitoring for Funding Organisations and Financial Institutions

  • Project monitoring, including the analysis of contract documentation and regular site visits coupled with the production of detailed reports, assessing site progress, assessing performance against cashflow forecasts, compliance with the employer’s requirements and analysis of valuations.